The following programmes are currently available for performance worldwide:

  • Complete Purcell Fantasies
  • JS Bach's Art of Fugue
  • JS Bach - 'The Well-Tempered Consort'
  • Orlando Gibbons Consorts
  • Mico, Locke, Purcell – Music for Four Viols
  • Jenkins, Lawes, Purcell, Consorts for Six Viols
  • Byrd Songs and Purcell Fantasies
  • Mixed English Programme for Four Viols
  • Perilous Polyphony for Three Viols
  • John Dowland - Lachrimae (with Elizabeth Kenny, lute)
  • William Lawes Consort Setts
  • 'Flow my Tears' - Dowland and William Lawes (with Elizabeth Kenny)
  • Lawes Royal Consort and Matthew Locke Setts (with Elizabeth Kenny, theory)