William Byrd: Complete Consort Music - Phantasm

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Track Listing

Fantasia a3 (III)
Browning a5 (The leaves be green)
Te lucis a4
In nomine a5 (III)
Christe redemptor omnium a4
In nomine a5 (IV)
Fantasia a4 (III)
Sermone Blando a3
Fantasia a5  (‘Two parts in one in the 4th above')
Fantasia a6 (I) (A song of two basses)
Fantasia a3 (I)
Christe qui Lux es a4 (I)
In nomine a5 (II) (‘on the sharp')
Christe qui Lux es a4 (II)
In nomine a4 (II)
Fantasia a6 (II)
Miserere a4 Fantasia a4 (I)
Christe qui Lux es a4 (III)
In nomine a5 (V)
In nomine a4 (I)
Pavan and Galliard a6
Fantasia a6 (III) (‘to the vyolls')
Pavan and Galliard a5
Sermone Blando a 4 (II)
Fantasia a3 (II)
Prelude and Goodnight Ground a5

Recorded at Merton College Chapel, Oxford, UK 6-8 September 2010 Engineered by Philip Hobbs Post-production by Julia Thomas at Finesplice, UK Design by John Haxby Photography by Marco Borggreve