Track Listing Consort of Fower Parts Tracks 1-4 Sett no. 1 in D Minor Tracks 5-8 Sett no. 2 in D Minor/D major Tracks 9-12 Sett no. 3 in F Major Tracks 13-16 Sett no. 4 in F Major Tracks 17-20 Sett no. 5 in G Minor Tracks 21-24 Sett no. 6 in G Major - The Flatt Consort, 'For my Cousin Kemble' 25-30 Sett No. 1 in C Minor Cover Photo: Coneyl Jay Producer: Jonathan Freeman-Attwood Recording Engineer: Mike Hatch Liner Notes: Laurence Dreyfus/Martin Ross Production: Global Music Network Recorded at Forde Abbey, Chard, Somerset, England 29 November - 1 December 1998